Selves (non existent)

Self as water boatman
Self on top deck of open top bus, smiling
Self in purple hot pants and Bay City Rollers socks
Self with hockey stick in full school colours
Self on bottom rung of ladder, carrying shears
Self very thin in stripy bikini, arms round two other girls
Self in waders, fishing
Self coming third in hundred-yard sprint (circa 1976)
Self in flares and hand-knitted tank top on the steps of a caravan
(might be Margate)
Self in maxi-dress with Purdy haircut
Self as star fish
Self on hen-night wearing Bride-to-Be sign
Self tucking five pound note into a Chippendale’s sparkly g-string
Self with prize-winning marrow
Self in cockpit of glider, wearing goggles
Self riding too small donkey (Skegness beach)
Self holding up giant lobster
Self playing saxophone in experimental jazz band
Self as Death Star
Self with red Mini tied up with ribbon
Self blowing out birthday candles
Self as house on fire
Self by pool on first girly holiday in Ibiza
Self poking head out of tent in the rain
Self as snorkel
Self holding fake landmine
Self arriving at the Kibbutz
Self at top of Eiffel Tower
Self holding a friend’s baby at arm’s length
Self clay pigeon shooting
Self in nun’s habit
Self sailing (nice jumper- wish I still had it)
Self protesting up a tree
Self at end of rope
Self exploding like the sun

(from The Telling, Julia Webb, Nine Arches Press, 2022)