the body does not consider your feelings
the body demands this and that
demands, demands, commands


the body – unbroken wall of light
the body – oh sun and rain—the gloriousness of weather on skin
body – blame and guilt in equal measure
the body shrinking into itself in shame
the body – solid stuff and liquid
the liquidity of the mind
that bedding down, that settling in
the body – entrenched and entombed
the body suddenly let go again, floating balloonlike above itself
the body – holding it up, holding it off, holding it in


yes – you are a delicate flower
yes – you are a tree standing solid, pushing your shoulders against the wind
yes – you are drinking the world and everything in it—little sips
yes – tiny things upset the applecart of your mind
yes – pygmy pears and love apples
yes – peeling it off layer by layer
yes – slathering it on, burying something, that need for hide and cover and lost
yes – afraid to be really seen
yes – happiness in there somewhere, peeking out from time to time
yes – wall heart, cloth heart, balloon heart on its piece of string
yes – give it away too easily or don’t give it away at all
yes – boulder where the heart should be
yes body, yes body, yes, yes, yes, body, body, body
yes body and its inconvenient lusts and longings
yes – open legs where the heart should be
deadly nightshade, piss flowers
yes – swamp sex stink of the hothouse, that film of damp on the top lip
yes – pebble flowers, cactus spines
yes – the hive of you – your clicks and hums and buzzes
something falling out of you, something running, something flying
yes – the inner frenzy, the calm exterior
yes – you are the whole kingdom of body