Family Values

Sun Daddy believed that the world was small When the world knocked at his door Sun Daddy put his head under the pillow and shouted go away. Every few weeks the world knocked and Sun Daddy shouted, and so it went on for years. Sometimes when Sun Daddy was at work Moon Mother invited the […]

The Trap

I set the ALICE-TRAP at the top of the stairs hoping to trip her up and wait behind the top banister: squeezed between the wooden rails and the paraffin heater – which is off of course – we only use it in winter. Alice is a long time coming so I count spiders and then […]

Mythologies Email Poetry Course

This is is an email course starting on Friday 5th July and running for four weeks. We will be looking at poems that are based around myths, fairytales and other pre-existing works (e.g. The Bible) and also how to create our own poems based on them or ones that seem mythogical. Each week there will […]

The small stuff – Zoom Workshop

The small stuff – finding beauty and inspiration in the everyday. Saturday 13th April, 2024 10.30am -1pm Zoom This workshop will look at finding inspiration in the things around us – e.g. objects, the domestic, work, our neighbourhood, people around us etc. We will look at some poems and use a variety of techniques to […]

The Poetry of Loss email course

I will be re-running my Poetry of Loss email course starting on 10th March 2023. This course will look at poetry about, and relating to, loss of all types – loss of home, partners, health, environment, belongings etc. And of course we will also look at death and bereavement, however there is always more than […]


Trying to make a gardenout of bird branches, nettles, dry grasses,a wooden shed with slatted sides,falling down and into itself. Trying to alive a gardenout of weeds and light through leaves,to grow a garden, to mound a gardenout of sycamore keys and thistle-prickle. Trying to Christmas a garden, to Easter a gardento flap a wing […]

Working From Home

They’re working on that spy plane again; first the scrapy sounds of sanding – on and on it goes, all morning, and now they’re rolling something that sounds like a skateboard along the dining room wall. The sporty one arrives home and starts to unload the camera equipment from the boot of his Fiat Punto […]


There is no proof that I exist beyond the mess I’ve made of the house and garden, and a few texts on my mobile phone. I will leave this world lightly – barely a fingerprint will remain. Even children move on – as if all those day in, day outs were only a blink – […]