It has been a hell of a year for me in one way and another – I had my first book published, I had several eye operations, I was writer in residence for a month on Norwich market, I did readings in places like Manchester, Swindon, Much Wenlock and Norwich. It would be fair to say that it was a roller coaster of a year.

Things feel more settled now, but I am feeling like I need to really start working on my next poetry collection. I already have quite a collection of poems. They feel very different (to me anyway) from those in my last collection – a fact that I find both scary and exciting. Quite a few of them have been published in journals, so hopefully I am doing something right. There is still a lot of work to do though – putting together a collection is (and should be) a long and arduous process. There is a lot to do: sifting, sorting, discarding, looking for themes, looking for gaps, more writing, more editing. I am thinking perhaps I would like to work with a mentor again – the people I workshop regularly with are great, but it’s a great bonus to have someone who doesn’t regularly read your work give feedback and comment. They come to it with fresh and eyes and thus are able to give unbiased critique. I am also thinking that at some point (if I can raise the money) that I will go away on a writing retreat – I did this when I was working on my last collection and it was amazingly helpful.

I am also on the look out for readings, preferably ones that pay.

TLC Showcase and Goodbye Market

I finished my stint as Writer in Residence on Norwich Market at the end of May. It felt very sad to be taking my little stall apart – even though I had only been there a month it felt very homely. Unfortunately I went straight into a round of health stuff (first of two eye […]

Nutshells and Nuggets

I am very pleased to have two short poems on Nutshells and Nuggets today.

Norwich Market

This week will see my final two days at Norwich Market as writer in residence – and I have to say I shall be sad to leave. I have really enjoyed my time there and I have met some lovely people. I have collected lots of “favourite words”, been given poems (and flowers!), I have […]

Quick Update

I am very excited to announce that my book is out and is available for purchase over at the Nine Arches Press website. I am all set for the launch next week at The Greenhouse in Norwich (11th May). I have a blog post about how I wrote the book over on the Words and […]


The official publication date of my book Bird Sisters is 7th May. I am ridiculously excited. I am doing a Norwich launch on May 11th and one in Birmingham on 19th May. Details of both events can be found on my events page. I am also reading at Much Wenlock poetry Festival on Sunday 24th […]

Exciting News

I am very excited! The official publication date for my book Bird Sisters is May 2nd, 2016. It has it’s own web page over on the Nine Arches Press website, and if you hop on over there by clicking this link you can see the cover and read some lovely comments about it. Another exciting […]

Poems for the end of 2015

I have not one but four poems published today. Three on Clear Poetry and one on I am not a silent poet. Happy New Year everyone.


I have a poem and a lovely little write up about it on Proletarian poetry today. You can read it here. The poem is a child’s journey through the housing estate where they live.

Coaching and How it Helps Writing

I may have mentioned before that last year I had some writing coach sessions with the lovely Heidi Williamson. Heidi is published poet and a copy writer (as well as a mother) so she knows only too well all the stresses of trying to juggle the writing life with family commitments and earning a living. […]