TLC Showcase and Goodbye Market

I finished my stint as Writer in Residence on Norwich Market at the end of May. It felt very sad to be taking my little stall apart – even though I had only been there a month it felt very homely. Unfortunately I went straight into a round of health stuff (first of two eye operations) so I haven’t had time yet to sit down and properly look at the material I amassed during my stay. I have a big bundle of lines contributed by visitors to the stall and I fully intend to spend some time making a poem or two from them at some point. I also have poems and prose that people gave me anI had displayed on the walls. I hope I will get time to properly think about it all soon.

On a brighter note I have writer’s showcase over at The Literary Consultancy for the whole of June. I won a TLC free read a few years ago and the poems in that free read became the beginning of my book. In the showcase I talk about the poems themselves, how I put the book together and there is also a taster selection of poems from the collection.

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