Norwich Market

This week will see my final two days at Norwich Market as writer in residence – and I have to say I shall be sad to leave. I have really enjoyed my time there and I have met some lovely people. I have collected lots of “favourite words”, been given poems (and flowers!), I have had several writers come and hang out at the stall to write, had two visiting artists, been filmed for Mustard TV and by some UEA students. All in all it has been a very exciting few weeks. And of course I have written some poems. You can see my mustard TV interview below.

Mustard TV Interview

And here is one of the poems I have written during my residency.

Market Dreams

I wear the market like a coat,
one size fits all,
it’s like a memory of something,
a smell from childhood –
something fishy,
a bacon sandwich (hold the sauce).
Today it tastes of stewed tea,
but yesterday it tasted of lemons –
yellow in the mouth and exotic,
it’s all colours and no colour,
it’s warm and toasty,
and it’s shady, dark, cold to the touch,
it’s always on the cusp of something,
it sounds like a wet day, voices, pigeons,
it calls out it us as we pass,
it wants to sell us something, anything:
a monkey, a sponge, a bit for the hoover,
it catches our dreams
and stores them behind
the shutters of its empty stalls.

Julia Webb, May 2016

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